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Hi, I'm Gavin.

I’m married to Lisa and we have an awesome little girl, Daisy. Our happy little family live in the Tyne valley, just outside Newcastle, in North East England. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world, only a stones throw from the stunning Northumberland where I was born and raised.

I’m a full-time professional photographer but I haven’t always been. Back in 2003 I graduated from the University of York with a BSc in Chemistry and an MRes in Clean Chemical Technology, but a chemistry career certainly wasn’t for me: I wanted a job where I could make a real difference and I love helping people so I began a career in environmental and community development. After years of helping others and making a real difference to inner city Leeds (Yorkshire) and areas of Hexham (Northumberland) I took the plunge and turned my ‘part time’ photography work into a full time business. A decision that I am so pleased I made as I absolutely love photography and the opportunity to be creative. Having said that my love of all things ‘green’ and my desire to improve the world around me has never gone away, hence me being one of only a handful of professional photographers with such high eco-credentials.

Eco wedding photography

I love photography and have a real passion for green issues, so I feel truly privileged to be able to combine these two passions into one. By its very nature, modern photography can be eco-friendly to some extent; however I firmly believe it is important to go that extra mile. Eco wedding photography is a great way to do that and these are just some of the ways that I am doing my bit.

What I do

Digital photographic equipment and processing techniques reduces the need for unnecessary chemical printing and photographic paper usage

– UK-made wedding albums, using as many local suppliers as possible, reduces the carbon footprint from transportation

– Folio albums are shipped using UPS’s carbon neutral service

– The password-protected Client Lounge allows you to view full set of your images at a high quality standard and place print orders, negating the need for proof books and the associated waste paper

– Prints ordered from the Client Lounge are delivered directly from the photographic printers to the client’s home, reducing the impact of transportation

– Rechargeable batteries are used in all equipmentand recycled at the end of their life

– Environmentally-friendly packaging is used to keep waste to a minimum

– Used stationary, packaging and waste materials (paper, plastic, print cartridges, etc.) are recycled

– Communication is made via email or telephone, wherever possible, to minimise paper use and reduce the impacts of postage/delivery

– My home-based office allows me to minimise the impact from additional power usage and travel

– Working on-location, either at a client’s home or business premises, or better still outside in the natural environment, allows me to reduce my energy usage and make the most of the natural world.

I aim to make sustainable choices wherever possible, and these factors should be the primary decision factor when reasonable. I operate as an eco wedding photographer, offering environmentally-conscious clients the best possible package to suit their personal needs, whilst having as little impact on the planet as possible.